Daniel Poussart

Daniel Poussart

Human Resource Manager

About Me

Daniel Poussart is a human resources expert with a proven track record of achievement. He is SHRM-certified and has a wealth of experience in the areas of workplace development, training, and safety. He also maintains strong ethical standards in all of his work, striving to do his best for his firm and his customers.

He had always wanted to do something to aid others since he was a youngster. As a result, he chose to pursue a career in education, researching development tactics and design ideas. He has worked tirelessly to raise educational standards wherever he has gone.

He attended New York University for his bachelor's degree after graduating from high school. His career in Human Resources took off from there. He designed, developed, and executed an effective onboarding program for new employees. He has worked with individuals of all ages and has had a great deal of success everywhere he has gone.

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